3 Things Patients Want from Nurses (But Won’t Tell Them)

As a patient, were you ever afraid to approach your nurse with a concern or need? Did you feel like maybe the nurse was already doing too much, and you were just wasting their time? You are not alone!

Here are the top 3 things patients WANT from Nurses, but will NOT tell them!

1. Transparency – Most of your patients will have limited to no clinical knowledge, which means they might not even know what they don’t know. While they may not fully comprehend the complexities of every procedure or medication, the patient doesn’t want to be kept in the dark about their treatment. You certainly don’t want to overload them with terminology or the mechanics behind each medical device but you also want to keep them as informed as possible.

2. Respect –
Nurses and other healthcare providers can do a few simple things to show respect to patients:
a. Knocking before entering a patient’s room
b. Introducing him or herself
c. Addressing the patient by his or her preferred name
d. Explaining the purpose of their visit
e. Ensuring the patient understands how to contact a nurse and navigate the hospital

Patients also want to be consulted on their condition and have their concerns acknowledged. While sometimes patients may feel it necessary to share information that isn’t necessarily relevant to their treatment, they’ll still appreciate you taking the time to listen to what they have to say.

3. An invitation to be involved – Ensure the patient feels comfortable asking questions. Encouraging patients to ask questions allows them to feel more in control of their care and helps prevent potential treatment compliance issues due to misunderstandings.

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