About Us

Deborah Stewart, RN, BSN

Deborah Stewart is a practicing Infection Prevention RN with a primary background in critical care. Being a high energy, self-starter has allowed her to achieve many professional goals and excel in her profession. Her 30 years’ experience in the healthcare arena includes 15 years at Baylor Medical Center managing six departments and more than 75 employees. Prior roles include serving as Director of Emergency Management, Director of Education and she is currently serving as an Infection Preventionist. A veteran of fast paced, emergency situations, Deborah saw the need to help medical professionals both on the job and in training. Knowing that decisions must be made quickly, she determined that a portable, informative and easy-to-read reference booklet would be ideal. Deborah used her cumulative occupational experience to make NowNotes a reality.

Now Notes
  • Custom covers available

  • Brand your facility

  • Fundraiser for student nurses

  • Recruitment tools for your hospital or university